This week we are going to take a look at who are the new players in the Medical Adherence field that are doing something a bit different. On top of leading to poor patient outcomes, medication non-adherence costs the US healthcare system $289 billion in annual costs according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. This makes it a key area for innovators to explore new potential solutions to the issue. Were going to take a look now at three such companies trying to solve this issue in their own way.

Top 3 new and upcoming start ups in the Medical Adherence space


Bioinformatix' Rx&You is a cloud based artificial intelligence platform that monitors patient medication behaviour in real time across their whole regimen, and intervenes when appropriate to help solve medication non-adherence. - Founded in 2016, based in USA.


Popit has developed Popit Sense, a bluetooth connected device that detects when pills are 'popped' from blister packs. This information is relayed to the app which provides additional features like smart alarms, insights, statistics, and prevents double-dosing. - Founded in 2016, based in Finland.


Zipdrug eliminates the need for pharmacy visits as it is an on demand drug delivery service. They currently serve  the New York and New Jersey area within an hour with delivery. Earlier this year they partnered with CityMD. - Founded in February 2015 they managed to secure $2.6M funding by November 2015. Check out also our report on Medical Adherence here