Digital health is playing a pivotal role in establishing New Care Models and helping healthcare systems to keep patients in the home and out of the hospital. With over 75% of Americans owning a smartphone, the opportunity has never been greater to reach patients on a more personal basis through their own devices. Today were going to look at three areas that technology is assisting in enhancing new models of care.

What are the three key facets of New Care Models?

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring enables continuous tracking of key biometric data which can be fed back to the physician. Key player: Senseonics develops continuous glucose monitors, they went public in April '16. Senseonics In the news: Biotricity remote monitoring cardiac wearable receives FDA approval Oct '16 - @biotricity_inc Biotricity


Amongst all digital health tools, telemedicine has seen the biggest adoption rates with the market expected to be worth $13 billion by 2021 (Pharmaion Report). Key player: Teladoc is the largest Telehealth platform in USA, went IPO July '15 - @Teladoc teladoc_banner In the news: Agora is developing a global telemedicine platform for rural areas with poor network infrastructure.Read more here  - @AgoraIO Agora

Online Communities

Online communities can have strong positive effects of on patient outcomes as it facilitates patients from different geographies with similar diseases to connect and share experiences and knowledge both from a support perspective, and from identifying potential treatments available across markets. Key players: PatientsLikeMe  is an online community of over 40,000 patients with life changing diseases. - @patientslikeme Patients like me My Health Teams offers niche social networks for people with chronic conditions. - @MyHealthTeams My Health Teams Navigating cancer is the pioneer in patient engagement techonlogy for cancer care, supporting over 1 million patients. - @NavCancer Navigating Cancer New Care Models in #HXLGG If your interested in New Care Models, check out our panel that will be discussing New Care Models in the HealthXL Global Gathering in Singapore on November 3rd. New Care Models Panel

Dr. Kwang Lim - Associate Professor, University of Melbourne

Dr Kwang Lim is a Geriatrician and General Physician. Dr Lim is also an Associate Professor for the Department of Medicine for the University of Melbourne. Dr. Lim has research interests in improving health and quality outcomes for older people in hospital as well as enhancing service delivery for older patients in the community.

Dr. Niti Pall - Medical Director, Bupa

Dr. Niti Pall is a senior clinical leader who led the development of first wave PMS+ services across two large inner city general practices. Delivering extended primary care services for 9 years i.e. diabetes, elderly care, anticoagulation, pain management, community nursing.

Dr. Toon Wei Lim - ** Senior Consultant Cardiologist, National University Heart Centre, Singapore**

Dr Lim Toon Wei is a senior consultant cardiologist at the National University Heart Centre, Singapore. Dr. Toon Wei Lim  is also the Clinical Director of the Coronary Care Unit and also the honorary secretary of the Singapore Cardiac Society.