The top 3 Stories in Digital Health - Cardiology -  This week we will be looking at Cardiology and some of the advancements being made in the field.


Fibricheck can detect arrhythmia by measuring users pulse waveform using the optical light and camera on a smartphone. Highlights: Fibricheck brings a new innovative solution to the market that does not require the use of a physical device outside of a users smartphone. This makes adoption a lot more straightforward so it will be interesting to see how the service grows and evolves in the market. Fibricheck: @fibricheck

Moving Analytics

Moving Analytics helps cardiac centers increase participation in cardiac rehab by implementing convenient and affordable home-based programs delivered though patient's mobile devices. Provider can track progress with a corresponding management system.
**Highlight:** Moving Analytics recently raised their first substantial round of funding of $1.1M in June 2016 to help fund their growth.

Moving Analytics:@movinganalytics

One Brave Idea

$75M pot for Coronary Heart Disease research with Big Data a key focus Dr. Calum MacRae, chief of cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has been announced as the winner of the One Brave Idea competition a $75m fund co-founded by the American Heart Association, the Verily Life Sciences unit of Alphabet, and AstraZeneca. Dr. MacRae and his renowned research team will use the $75 Million prize money to  explore critical genetic, and molecular factors that put individuals at risk for coronary heart disease.

HealthXL Cardiology Webinar with Dr. Ameet Bakhai

**Dr. Ameet Bakhai,** Consultant Cardiologist & Deputy Director for Research, Royal Free London NHS Trust. Dr. Bakhai, a key member of the HeathXL community, gives an insightful webinar on Digital Heart Health >>