This week in the top 3 Stories in Digital Health, we take a look at Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here we look at 3 possible areas where AI could revolutionise healthcare.

Doctor Patient Interactions

How? Chatbots Key players: Babylon Health - Deploy's conversational bots to perform triage on patients. Has raised $24.9M in funding. Baidu -  Just launched Melody in China, an AI powered conversational bot that uses deep learning and natural language processing to assist doctors.

Lifestyle Management & Monitoring

How? Predictive Analytics Key players: - Welltok - Population Health Managment company. Has raised $191 M in funding Wellframe - Patient monitoring at home. Utilises algorithms to predict which patients will require additional care. Has raised $10.3 M in funding.


How? Image Recognition Analysis Key players - Enlitic images - Can screen for 100's of diseases within each medical image. Has raised $15 M in funding.- - Butterfly Network - Redeveloping the ultrasound machine to make it into the size of a silicon chip and as cheap as a stethoscope. Has raised $100M in funding.   Case Example: Scientists in Japan recently reported that they saved a woman's life by applying AI to diagnose a rare form of cancer that was undetected by traditional methods