Author: Brian Flatley, Lead Research Analyst at HealthXL HealthXL are delighted to announce the launch of a new Challenge on the HealthXL Platform, put forward by one of the leading medical device companies globally. HealthXL empowers leading organisations, innovators and thought leaders to solve major healthcare problems through digital health collaborations. Improving antimicrobial usage: Optimizing empiric therapy Antimicrobial identification and susceptibility testing is central to treatment of bacterial infections.  Current clinical practice requires prescription of empiric therapy followed by directed antimicrobial therapy once laboratory results are available. At present, these tests can take from 1 - 2 days to a week (for susceptibility testing) depending on the growth rate of the bacteria. Antimicrobial stewardship programs consisting of education, process control and physician training/monitoring have shown improvements in appropriate antimicrobial usage. However, they have failed in isolation to stem the tide of antimicrobial resistance and rising costs associated with this resistance. As the model for health care provision changes with a shift in focus that emphasizes quality of care and patient outcomes, there is an opportunity to consolidate additional patient information for antimicrobial usage and provide improved patient outcomes and reductions in cost of care. Vision Build a clinical tool for predicting pathogen susceptibility to optimize empiric therapy during an ED visit. Challenge A solution designed to use information from EMRs, public health databases on infectious diseases, possible patient-to-patient contact data and existing antimicrobial therapy protocols to build a predictive model for prescribing effective treatments. The model should make recommendations on antibiotic type, delivery method, dosage and duration. HealthXL Challenge A Challenge is the process leveraged to catalyse identified collaborative opportunities between HealthXL member organisations, the most exciting companies and experts in digital health. If you are interested in learning more about this HealthXL Challenge, or about HealthXL in general, request access to our platform by clicking the image below.  We're especially looking to talk to clinicians, advisors and payors who have experience in implementing similar projects as mentioned above, or would like to do so in the future. Blog - Big - Challenges