Securing relationships with payors is often stated as a must for digital health companies looking to gain credibility and scale. The inevitable question arrises 'who is going to pay for this and why?'. To help entrepreneurs and indeed innovative executives in large organisations to find business models they can emulate or even just communicate, we analysed partnership information (not investment) released since 2009 by Mobihealthnews and mapped them to the biggest 5 payors in the US.

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Key Take Aways

  • Humana were involved in the most relationships out of the payors analysed, as well as the only one to have announced relationships with a company at each funding stage (Seed to Public)
  • Aetna and Anthem had the most relationships with companies that were pre Series B
  • Healthcare technology solutions focused on chronic disease management & prevention were involved in the most relationships
  • Commercial Relationships (by direct offering) was the most frequently announced relationship type followed by pilot studies
  • Amwell was the only healthcare technology solution to maintain relationships with more than two payor organisations, while MDLive, Livongo and Kurbo Health announced relationships with two

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