The importance of sleep medicine and its relationship with both general wellness and also chronic disease management is becoming more evident. Over the past 5 years there has been an explosion of high potential digital health companies and technologies appearing on the market to track, report and improve people’s sleep. The big question is which technology is capable of truly measuring sleep in the home?

The HealthXL Report on the digital health landscape of sleep is ready!

I’m delighted to announce the release of the highly anticipated report 'Solving Sleep with Digital Innovation'. ** See the top 38 sleep companies now >> ** AAEAAQAAAAAAAAajAAAAJGI3NzY0NTZjLWU2MjAtNGYyOS04NGQ1LTY4YzY4YzY4MGQ5NQ   The HealthXL research team led by Brian Flatley, PhD have broken out the devices in terms of their site within the bedroom and on the person, and in the subsequent table they examined the parameters measured and reported by each device. On the top of that we analysed the market conditions for sleep monitoring and summarized our key learnings.   We also extended the research by interviews with key opinion leaders from the HealthXL Community to capture the subject from different angles. Here is a clip from what we have learnt about investor’s point of view: geoff What are the key evaluation areas you would look to as part of a wider due diligence process at Gilde Healthcare Partners, specifically for sleep-focused technology? "Clinical adoption. In an increasingly crowded space of wearables tracking various sleep measurements, it is very important to have creditable clinical evaluation for a solution, to help differentiate it from other similar technologies. Whilst taking time to get credible clinical evaluation will mean a delay in getting to market, as an investor to give you confidence that this product is endorsed with a validated clinical use case is important. We risk filling the market with gimmicks as opposed to genuine clinical solutions. This direct-to-consumer approach, whilst appealing for an entrepreneur initially, as an investor I worry about the longevity of this model. What will differentiate the product in the market place sufficiently that as a consumer driven product it is the top seller? Clarity on the use case is also very important for start-ups in this space, to take a step back and understand the markets they can operate in and have sufficient clarity on the markets they are serving."

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