Innovation Management was a key focus topic at the Dublin Global Gathering. We heard from a diverse mix of experts who discussed and challenged how and if innovation happens in their workplace and also raised the important question as to whether it should be structured. Axel Heitmueller from ICHP led a panel discussion with Indra Joshi (NHS), Thomas Thornton (Nrothwell Health) and Ruth Brinkley (Kentucky One Health)

  • How there is an overemphasis on the supply side of innovation, a model that is increasingly broken
  • Need to improve the absorptive capacity of organisations to utilise innovation
  • What is required to do this? What are the key enablers? What are the models? Are there examples others can give of what works?
  • What should we look at for the next 12 months as part of the project?
  • why does it matter that healthcare organisations become more receptive to innovation?
  • What have you seen that works in this space (e.g. Indra policy level, Tom from integrated system perspective)?
  • What are barriers/enablers including market forces/patient choice etc
  • If you had a magic wand, what would you do in this space?