We created this workshop based on our experience with 20+ HealthXL Members including various payors, providers, pharma, tech and devices, and other healthcare organizations. Used in a workshop with 30 startups at Pioneers Festival in Vienna earlier this week, our scoresheet for startups on how to collaborate with big healthcare organizations was born out of the necessity to help them prepare for such collaborations.

6 key ingredients to successfully prepare for collaboration with a healthcare organization

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Funding
  • Stakeholders
  • Skills

Through the workshop with the startups, we validated the importance of the 6 ingredients above and created a scoresheet to allow them to easily evaluate their readiness to collaborate with a big healthcare organization.


How does the scoresheet work?

  1. Score your project against each of the 6 ingredients
  2. Circle the two areas of highest priority that you want to focus on
  3. Define specific actions - with owners and deadlines - to drive things forward

We highly recommend that when using the scoresheet with your team, you also invite to the session your advisors with relevant experience; for example, if you are to approach a payor, invite the advisor(s) of your team who has significant experience working for/with payors.