It is just under 3 months since we decided to change what it means to be HealthXL Verified on our platform. Since then we have seen an incredible response from the private healthcare technology companies on HealthXL, providing us with both self-published and peer-reviewed evidence of their solutions' efficacy.

The Value of Evidence

It was fantastic to see validation from this entrepreneurial community that evidence is a critical differentiator of maturity in the market, a necessary component to increasing the adoption of digital health solutions. This was communicated back to us even when companies did not yet have evidence to provide, which showed the passion and integrity of many of those leading the charge to change the way we view the healthcare industry today. The future of healthcare is uncertain, but seeing the values and passion these entrepreneurs possess, I feel more confident than ever before of the positive impact the increasingly blurred digital health market will have on global health.

What do we mean by evidence?

In case you are new to HealthXL or have not been paying attention for a while, what do we mean by evidence? We are looking for evidence of whether a company on our platform (all private healthcare technology companies) have evidence that their product has a positive clinical and/or economic impact. This evidence may be published in medical journals, and some may be sponsored by industry and available for wider release, some may even be small studies run solely by the company in question. Our objective is to drive collaborations, and will help us differentiate between companies that we can help to find commercial partners to scale, and companies that we can help to find research partners to gain credibility.

What has been the response?

The response from the HealthXL members and advisors has shown us the increasing importance evidence is playing in the adoption of digital health solutions. Since changing the meaning of HealthXL Verified 3 months ago, 70% of the company profile views are of HealthXL Verified companies with the top 10 viewed companies all being HealthXL Verified.

“As a busy clinician, I don’t really have time to sift through all the various websites to look for applications that are useful. HealthXL have got the right evidence that makes it easy to find the best solutions for our health service.”

Dr. Kwang Lim, Clinical Director of Medicine and Aged Care, Royal Melbourne Hospital

What’s next for HealthXL Verified?

This is just one of a number of big moves HealthXL will be making over the next year to fulfil our vision of being the leading global platform for digital health collaboration In the rest of 2017, HealthXL will focus on building on a robust dataset of evidence and relationships that exist between innovative solutions on the platform and leading healthcare organisations around the world. We will also be focused on the usability of the platform in line with building these key data sets and the community of experts. This will make it easier for you to find the right people and solutions to work with faster and with less risk, so you can get busy collaborating and improving the lives of millions of individuals around the world, leveraging your existing and new emerging technologies.


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