At HealthXL our mission is to drive collaboration to solve healthcare's biggest problems.

Ahead of the Dublin Global Gathering we asked our community this one question - 'Highlight why collaboration is needed to accelerate your objective'.

Jennifer Carter, President, Portfolio Development at McKesson Ventures
"At McKesson Ventures, we see collaboration as a critical ingredient to our value proposition and what sets us apart from other corporate venture funds.  We draw on the insights and knowledge from the McKesson ecosystem to help inform and guide portfolio companies through the health care continuum.  More broadly, innovation rarely happens in a vacuum and we believe that for healthcare to truly innovate it will take both traditional stakeholders in partnership with outside parties to advance care."

Brian Harris, Co-Founder & CEO at MedRhythms, Inc.
"At MedRhythms, we believe that collaboration is crucial for success, especially in healthcare, where navigating solutions involves multiple parties and multiple angles.  We will make a much bigger impact collaboratively as a whole than any of us as individuals or individual companies could do alone; for in unity there is strength.   And, this unity means that the world will gain access to a higher level of healthcare, which it desperately needs and deserves."

Alex Goddard, Clinical Research Director at The Sync Project

"Sync, at its core, is based on collaboration: a group of AI & Deep learning Experts, Musicians, Clinical Scientists, and Developers working together to develop a digital, musical medicine. As a small company, we look towards external collaborations to help us accelerate our clinical path by providing experienced and expert insight, knowledge of the market, and assistance in execution. We are developing fruitful collaborations with Peter Chai at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Berkelee College of Music, Spotify, and other corporate partners."

Axel Heitmueller, Managing Director at Imperial College Health Partners

“Imperial College Health Partners mission is to innovate and collaborate for a healthier population. We fundamentally believe that complex change will not come about through traditional transactional models but requires systems leadership and genuine collaboration amongst equals. We aspire to create the safe space and capabilities for our partners to become more than the sum of their parts.”

Ruth Brinkley, President & CEO of Kentucky One Health

"The rapid rate of change and growing complexity of healthcare require creative thinking and innovative solutions as we move forward. Collaboration among individuals and teams is key if we are to be successful in creating a system that is sustainable in the future."

"Problems aren't solved in isolation"

Meet the all of the above at the Dublin Global Gathering on the 14th & 15th September to continue the conversation and where leaders and innovators connect.

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