We are delighted to announce that Boston Children’s Hospital, ranked #1 Pediatric in the US, have joined the HealthXL Community as our most recent provider organisation. This week, we have highlighted at two of the Boston Children's clinical team who have embodied a culture of innovation to improve medical care and a selection of innovative solutions working to optimize maternal and child health. In the lead up our upcoming Gathering in Dublin this September we have also flagged an exciting new study just released by HealthXL Advisor Dr. Peter Chai and HealthXL Verified Company the Sync Project, who are pioneering Music as Medicine as an adjunct pain management therapy.

Boston Children's Hospital - #1 US Pediatric Hospital & Pediatric Innovation Leaders

Boston Children's Hospital have recently expanded their innovation team from 10 to 50 employees and successfully launched their own innovation accelerator. To date, the accelerator has spun out three projects into healthcare startups that have raised more than $13 million in venture funding and engaged in collaboration with the likes of Google and Uber. One notable start-up established by innovators at Boston Children's is Wired Informatics who offer Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology that efficiently extracts knowledge embedded in unstructured data across the healthcare ecosystem. This knowledge drives meaningful results in real-time by bringing actionable patient data to the forefront.

"Our mission is to ensure that life-changing innovations know no boundaries and reach those who matter most: our children. We empower clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs to transform pediatric health care, within our walls and throughout the world, turning groundbreaking visions into reality. Collaboration - an open community of innovation that welcomes partners from all communities regardless of geography or industry, is central to our mission."

The Boston Children's Hospital Mission

The Boston Children's team offer a wealth of expertise across a variety of therapeutic and strategic areas. Michael Docktor, who recently joined the HealthXL Community, is a practicing gastroenterologist at Boston Children's Hospital who has spearheaded efforts to bring technologies that help clinicians work more productively and efficiently. Michael co-founded and currently leads Hacking Pediatrics, a group whose mission is to bring together talented innovators from diverse areas of expertise such as medicine, technology and business to build solutions for children and their families through hackathons.

“I simply love taking care of patients. I strive to help children and their families understand what might be causing their health problems by collaboratively working together to improve their condition. I am passionate about technology and excited about the opportunities to use digital health in educating, communicating and engaging with my patients."

Dr. Michael Docktor - Clinical Director of Innovation; Director of Clinical Mobile Solutions and Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Salim Afshar, who joined the community alongside Michael, is an active surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital with a background in design and engineering. He has been a founder of several companies including ClinicalBox, a software solution focused on care-coordination.

Salim has also designed numerous products and has current projects through Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) that are in development. Salim is a co-founder of the Surgical Innovation Fellowship (SIF) which leverages the experience and expertise of IDHA and the BCH Simulator Program (SIMPEDS) to train future surgeons in the innovation process. In addition, Salim focuses on innovation internationally through his role as a faculty member in the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC) at Harvard Medical School.

Music as Medicine - Sync Project & Dr. Peter Chai

There is a growing body of research supporting the positive psychological and physiological effects of music from pain management to mental health and wellbeing. This week, HealthXL Verified Company Sync Project and HealthXL Advisor Dr. Peter Chai shared their investigation into the power of music as an adjunct opioid therapy. You can read the full publication here.

"Epidemic increases in opioid use in the USA and globally highlight the need for effective adjunctive therapies to opioid-based analgesia. Understanding the potential for automated behavioral therapies like music therapy in modulating the experience of pain may unlock methods to transition patients to lower doses of pharmacologic therapy or provide alternatives to opioids during acute exacerbations of pain."

Music as an Adjunct to Opioid-Based Analgesia

Peter Chai is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology, Division of Medical Toxicology, Department of Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This year Dr Chai was listed as one of Boston MedTech's 40 Under 40 Healthcare Leaders.

I hope you found these insights useful. If you have any questions about upcoming collaborative opportunities with the HealthXL Community or have a thought leader in mind you think we should be speaking to please feel free to reach out at hanna@healthxl.org. I'd be delighted to continue the conversation!

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