On September 14th & 15th HealthXL will be welcoming 100 digital health and healthcare thought leaders to deep dive into Big Data and AI, Innovation Management, Healthcare Payments and Music as Medicine in Dublin, Ireland. This week we've highlighted three of the leading solutions and innovators disrupting Payments and Big Data and AI for tangible healthcare results, who will be joining us at the Gathering to share their insights and explore strategic collaborations.

1. Linguamatics: Natural Language Processing for Drug Re-Positioning

Linguamatics specializes in natural language processing (NLP) text mining software, called I2E. It identifies and annotates concepts within unstructured and semi-structured text, including electronic health records, to assist in effective clinical decision making. The Linguamatics team recently shared their paper outlining how they are applying NLP for drug re-positioning flagging a new wave of opportunity in systematic exploration of drug applications.

"Drug repositioning (i.e. drug repurposing) is the process of discovering new uses for marketed drugs. Historically, such discoveries were serendipitous. However, the rapid growth in electronic clinical data and text mining tools makes it feasible to systematically identify drugs with the potential to be repurposed."

Systematic Drug Re-Positioning Through Mining Adverse Event Data in ClinicalTrials.gov


2. Gravie: $14.1M for Healthcare Payment Disruption

Abir Sen, CEO of Gravie will be joining us in Dublin in September to discuss the changing payments environment and provide an insight into the disruptive approach of Gravie. Last week Gravie, provider of a reinvented health benefits marketplace, announced a $14.1M Series C funding round led by new investor GE Ventures. This Series C brings the total raised by the company to over $44M since 2013. Here's a preview of what Abir will be :

_"As technology accelerates the movement towards consumerism in healthcare, every participant in the ecosystem will need to re-examine what they do and how they do it. For many payors, the consumer historically has been an afterthought. _

Those that now make the necessary, forward-thinking investments will thrive. Those that fail to adapt will be left far behind, as new companies with new business models emerge and disrupt them. The winners of today are probably not the winners of tomorrow."

Abir Sen - CEO @ Gravie


3. José Pedro - Big Data in Practice @  São João Hospital Center

José Pedro is the Director of Analytics & Data Science of São João Hospital Center (CHSJ), the #1 Public hospital center in Portugal (1100 beds, 5600 employees) who with their Big Data & AI initiatives, are now one of the most advanced hospitals in the World in terms of using these technologies to effectively impact clinical practice. At São João, José and his team have created solutions to help "Save Lives with Big Data.


The São João Hospital team have leveraged their Data to build a proactive and automatic platform that analyzes more than 100 billion numbers each minute to detect patients at risk. They are also able to predict the antibiotics that will induce resistant behavior inside the hospital in the near future, and also alarm for Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria in Advance. If you would like to join the discussion around Big Data and AI, Payments, Innovations Management or Music as Medicine please feel free to reach out on hanna@healthxl.org with an insight into your expertise in the space - we'd be delighted to hear from any clinicians, investors and innovators!


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