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HealthXL in collaboration with Northern Health hospital network in Melbourne and IBM has examined the aged care space. Now we’re releasing the HealthXL Report on Aging that will round up our efforts. The report embraces the most exciting facts about aged care market in relation to digital health. Digging into the subject, we have interviewed key opinion leaders from the HealthXL community with different areas of expertise. Our main question was Can digital health solve the impending Aged Care Crisis? Here is a clip from what we have learnt about payor's point of view:

Key elements: seamless delivery, data connectedness and patient focused

[AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXIAAAAJGIxNGExNmJjLTU3OTAtNDMwOC1iOGMyLTQ1ZmMwNWIzZDM5Mg](http://Can%20digital health solve the impending Aged Care Crisis?)   Robert Grenfell National Medical Director at Bupa Australia & New Zealand at BUPA

QUESTION: What are the key evaluation questions you would ask as part of due diligence, specifically of for senior focused technology for reimbursement?
There are five key areas that I believe need consideration prior to pitching a novel idea in healthcare provision:
  • Problem definition
All too often a technical solution is developed without due consideration to the context it is to be used in, the problem it is supposed to be solving and scant regard for the users willingness to adopt it.
  • Person focused
Technology is designed with recognition of health problems and needs adjustment of the person over time.
  • Evidence base
“Trial effect” is a real issue with any innovative technology. During the trial it will work, if it has any chance of working, due to the enthusiasm of the inventors, the studiers and the participants.
  • Scalability
A successful small trial is all well and good, but is it possible to scale the technology to a larger, broader cohort?
  • Cost/business model
During up-scaling it is very likely to fail due to many factors, often associated with degrees of much less enthusiasm. If the technology is not cost-saving or quality-promoting, then it is “dead-in-the-water.”
QUESTION: What are the key problems that need to be solved/addressed in the aged care space?
With larger numbers of elderly people comes a need to have greater efficiency in promoting wellbeing and managing illness. This requires attention to supported self-management, home/community-based care..

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